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What is the corporate culture and feel like at Coyote Logistics?

Coyote’s culture is one of the best reasons to work there. One of our slogans is ‘Work hard, play hard’; most Coyotes are constantly giving their all, but we also have free beer on Fridays and free food once a month, ping pong tables at work, company sponsored social events, a focus on community...
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What were some of the favorite aspects of being an intern at Coyote Logistics?

Coyote is a place that lives by the idea of work hard play hard. This means that you are expected to be a self starter and give 100% while you are on the clock but they really like to enjoy themselves too. They provide ping pong tournaments and eating contests every once in a while and have food ...
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What's the best tip you can give me in regards to turning my internship into a possible job offer at Coyote Logistics?

Really engage with the full time staff. The office is set up to have all levels of employees on the floor so they notice when you are working hard and when you are reaching out to others. Asking for advice on how to handle situations or sales better in the future will go a long way.
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What are some great questions I should as a Coyote Logistics recruiter?

What does the career path of a Carrier Sales Intern look like? How does Coyote compare to the other 3PL’s such as TQL and C.H. Robinson? What kind of innovation can we expect to see from Coyote in the next 2-5 years
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What should I know before going into an interview with Coyote Logistics?

- Dress is very, very casual so don’t overdress for the interview (yes, there is such a thing at this company) but still look polished! - Everyone is very outgoing so if you are shy, brace yourself because the interview is more of a conversation. They just want to see that you can hold a conversa...
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Can someone provide me an insider's look of the day in the life for an Operation Support at Coyote Logistics?

First, sorry for the jargon, the logistics industry loves it! Coyote is a non-asset based freight broker (equivalent to 3PL or 3rd Party Logistics). What this means is that Customers (usually large companies like Coca Cola) sell us freight that needs to be moved, which we then broker out to our...
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For my interview as an Enterprise Operations Coordinator at Coyote Logistics, what should I make sure to highlight?

The main qualities to highlight in an interview for an Enterprise Operations Coordinator position at Coyote would be energy, problem solving, and geography (especially N. America). Logistics is a fast-paced industry and a huge amount of energy is required to be locked-in each day. As they say.....
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What was the training program like for an Operations Coordinator at Coyote Logistics?

When I went through training at Coyote it was about a 4-week process. They do a great job of showing you how the business model works through classroom-type learning as well as experiential. You will hear from employees from all levels and areas of the business and also get on the phones with s...
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Would you say working at Coyote Logistics after college is a good idea?

Coyote Logistics is a good place to start a career in the logistics/supply chain industry. The company now has a great reputation and is more well-known after being purchased by UPS. You can also take your career in a few other directions such as Account Management, Sales, and into the technolo...
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Curious to hear what a UPS Customer Operations Intern actually does at Coyote Logistics?

I was a bit of a special case in terms of being a UPS Ops Coordinator - every intern works 10 weeks in the summer and then goes back to school, I was offered and able to work part time during the school year due to living in Chicago. (This is where DePaul students have a leg up) As an ops coordin...
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Does Coyote Logistics provide housing?

Coyote Logistics provides a housing and travel stipend for our Summer interns.
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Personality wise, what do you think Coyote Logistics look for in candidates?

Coyote hires people from a wide variety of backgrounds but the most important skills to them are being a self motivator, determination, and being able to adapt. 100 things can go wrong on a shipment and each level of personnel at coyote needs to be able to handle all kinds of situations.
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