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Full-time Opportunities and Scholarships Programs

For qualifying college graduates, the Navy Nuclear Program is a door leading to industry leadership and lifelong learning. Groundbreaking research and high-level civilian collaborations; work that extends far beyond the military to impact the very world we live in.

If accepted into the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) program, you can take advantage of financial support of up to $175,000 and start receiving this funding up to 30 months prior to college

Once out of school, you will have a position waiting as a respected professional and Navy Officer affiliated with one of the most accomplished nuclear programs on earth. Here in AMERICA’S NAVY, you’ll begin an unrivaled training program that provides advanced education and accelerated hands-on experience like nowhere else.

How You Qualify
Because of the exclusive nature of the NUPOC program and the magnitude of the responsibilities members will take on from a young age, requirements to become a candidate are comprehensive — and competition for acceptance is great.

The NUPOC program is open to both men and women. The following basic qualification criteria apply:
- Age and Health
  •  Be a U.S. citizen
  •  Be at least 19 years of age and less than 29 years of age at the time of commissioning (waivers may be available: up to age 31 for Submarine or Surface Warfare Officer positions, up to age 35 for Naval Reactors Engineers or Nuclear Power School Instructors)
  •  Meet the medical and physical standards of the US Navy
- Education
Candidates must be graduates or students of an accredited college or university in the United States or in a United States territory pursuing a BA, BS or MS (preferably majoring in mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry or other technical areas). Those still in school may apply as early as their sophomore year of college and must have (at a minimum):
  •  Completed one academic year of calculus (2 semesters or 3 quarters)
  •  Completed one academic year of calculus-based physics
  •  A competitive GPA and a grade of “C” or better in all technical courses
Offers for Students
The NUPOC program culminates in a career opportunity that is without equal. But the immediate financial rewards that can be gained as a student are impressive on a whole other scale.

While finishing your degree, you could receive a monthly salary and housing allowance that ranges from $3,990 to $6,000 (housing allowance may vary depending upon location, and the length of the offer depends upon the career area you plan to enter). Now do the math.

Submarine Officers, Surface Warfare Officers and Power School Instructors: The NUPOC offer is currently available for up to 30 months prior to college graduation — making it worth up to $175,000 to you as a

Naval Reactors Engineers: The NUPOC offer is currently available for up to 18 months prior to college graduation — making it potentially worth up to $95,000 to you as a student.

Use the money to cover tuition and books, to pay rent or buy a car, to purchase meals or whatever you want. It is there to allow students the freedom to focus on studies while in school. There are no requirements to wear a uniform or attend military training during this time. All you have to do is maintain the required grade point average and prepare for the exciting future that’s waiting.

The Added Bonuses
On top of the monthly income, NUPOC students are also eligible for military health-care and life insurance benefits for themselves and their dependents while in the program. Additionally, their issued military ID will allow access to low-cost shopping options on military bases.

Those who opt to pursue Fleet leadership roles as nuclear-trained Submarine or Surface Warfare Officers are also eligible to receive:
  •  A $15,000 selection bonus once accepted into the NUPOC program.
  •  An additional $2,000 bonus upon completion of nuclear propulsion training (which occurs after graduating from college).

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