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Operations Supervisor, Microbiology

Job Duties:
  • Supervise the activities of departmental personnel to ensure operations are in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures and assigned tasks.
  • Communicate any emerging client requirements to laboratory personnel as needed.
  • Communicate procedural and operational difficulties and delays to client service personnel or the client as required.
  • Read, calculate and record analysis data to produce a report for the client. Correct any discrepancies that occur.
  • Administer corporate human resource programs relating to employee recruitment and retention, compensation, training and development, equal employment opportunity, performance appraisal, and employment record documentation.
  • Educate and train departmental personnel on correct procedures and new analysis methods. Evaluate current methods and recommend modifications as new procedures become available.
  • Arrange and document work schedules for departmental personnel so that analysis is accurately completed to maintain effective and efficient operations.
  • Assist departmental personnel with analysis tasks as needed to ensure timely results.
  • Maintain supplies and instrumentation for operating departments.
  • Responsibility and authority, in conjunction with the Operations Manager or Lab Director, to cease specific analyses under their responsibility when evidence from the quality system indicated the process is not in control and the quality of the results is compromised as a result of the non-conformances.
  • Maintain knowledge of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is required to complete job responsibilities.
  • Ensure that employees obtain knowledge of LIMS sufficient to perform job responsibilities. Institute and maintain systems to monitor and verify related LIMS training.
  • Maintain expertise in the field of food science by attending relevant seminars and using available reading material.
  • Support corporate quality and continuous improvement process.
  • This position has the responsibility and authority to initiate action to prevent or minimize departures from the quality system or test procedures. This authority includes addressing resource needs to properly address issues such as client turn-around time requirements, overtime limits, employee turnover, work stoppage and assure the appropriate type and amount of materials are ready and available for use.
  • Perform other related duties as needed.


  • This position requires a broad knowledge of Microbiology, obtained from a degree in Microbiology, or related job experience, to analyze and interpret data accurately. 
  • A general knowledge of food science is necessary to supervise the analysis of the sample.  
  • A broad knowledge of laboratory safety procedures and policies is necessary to ensure a safe working environment. 
  • A general knowledge of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is required to process client data and calculate and record analysis results. 
  •  Organizational skills are helpful to ensure proper and efficient daily operation of assigned tasks. 
  •  Laboratory skills obtained as a technician or similar position is beneficial to supervise the activities of laboratory technicians.  
  • Client relations skills are needed to discuss analysis results and answer any related questions from the client.  
  • The incumbent needs analytical abilities to supervise the accurate completion of analysis procedures. 
  • Planning skills are needed to ensure that analysis tasks are completed in a timely manner. 
  • Interpersonal skills are required to effectively manage and supervise departmental personnel. 
  • Supervisory skills are necessary to ensure the proper and efficient daily operation of assigned tasks.

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