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As a Physical Scientist, you will perform the following duties:

  • Facilitate understanding of human-made underwater and airborne sound sources and propagation. Provide guidance and training on characteristics of sound sources (e.g., frequency, amplitude) and environmental parameters that impact transmission loss and sound propagation. Create and support guidance and analytical tools for use in addressing environmental acoustic impact problems and needs.
  • Analyze sound propagation models used in acoustic impact assessments. Review, evaluate, and compare acoustic source and sound propagation models, to include consideration of accuracy, precision, and input sensitivity. Recommend improvements to models and their integration into marine mammal and other protected species impact assessment frameworks, including optimizing output metrics and results.
  • Assess acoustic measurement plans and programs. Evaluate and develop plans for acoustic monitoring and measurement of sound sources, ambient noise, and marine mammals. Make recommendations to improve acoustic monitoring plans and field measurements, including spatial, temporal, and spectral aspects. Assist staff in improving protected species impact analyses and developing effective mitigation and monitoring plans.