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Energy Industry Analyst

The Division of Analytics and Surveillance (DAS) within the Office of Enforcement at FERC is hiring. That is a lot of words, so let me explain a little bit. DAS’ function is to monitor the energy markets (electric and natural gas) across the US, flag suspect behavior, and investigate for potential market manipulation. To do this, we use lots and lots of data, and develop complex screening tools to look for these bad actors. A lot of tech jobs out there use Data, and have Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, but our job is different because we’re serving the public interest and trying to help stop Bad Actors from Acting Badly. It’s similar to what the SEC and CFTC do in their markets in a lot of ways.

The job posting says Energy Industry Analyst (IT), but it is not an IT job. We’re looking for driven people with data and coding experience who want to learn about energy markets. I guarantee you that after you’ve worked here a little while, you will know more about energy markets than any so-called experts out there. It’s truly amazing what we learn and what we do.

I’ve just passed 8 years here at FERC, and it’s the best place I’ve ever worked. Not many people know about our job, but that doesn’t make it any less important. When you come work for us, you’ll become part of a small but dedicated team focused solely on helping out ratepayers (i.e. you and and everyone you know, unless you live off grid in the woods somewhere). I’m excited for everyone who applies and I can’t wait to talk to you.

The posting just went up today, and is open until Aug 29.