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Junior Machine Learning Developer

Summary of the role

Are you an experienced, passionate pioneer in technology - a solutions builder, a roll-up-your-sleeves technologist who wants a daily collaborative environment? If so, consider the opportunity to join the team in the capacity of a Junior Machine Learning Developer. The role implies the implementation of large-scale data ecosystems, data management, governance, and integration of structured and unstructured data to generate insights leveraging cloud-based platforms. The Junior machine Learning Developer will also work on leveraging automation, and cognitive and science-based techniques to manage data, predict scenarios, and prescribe actions, alongside maintaining data ecosystems, sourcing analytics, and providing continuous insights and improvements. 



  • Statistical, Analytical, and ML Technique Skills 
  • Operational and monitoring ML Skills (using high-end tools)
  • End-to-End Integration, delivery, and vision control skills
  • Cloud, AI lifecycle, 
  • Ability to predict, standardize and streamline delivery of high-performing models 
  • SDLC methodologies, AI / Data governance framework, and ML-Business inquiry skills
  • Ability to administer and work with AI code of Ethics to tackle issues such as privacy, discrimination, and data ethics and promote responsible innovation. 
  • Explanatory skills to technical and non-technical audiences 
  • Building, containerizing, and deploying skills for end-to-end automated data and ML pipelines
  • TensorFlow, Pytorch, and other deep learning frameworks
  • Git or other vision control tools