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Finance Director - Ignacio School District

The Finance Director manages the business affairs of the district in such a way as to provide the most accurate fiscal information available and make recommendations for the benefit of the district. To maintain an orderly and accurate account of district finances at all times. To be available to assist all employees, superintendent, board members, and the public regarding fiscal matters and related information. The Finance Director is located in the Administrative offices.

1.                 Knowledge and understanding of school finance, business management and accounting.
2.                 Understand and knowledgeable with computer spreadsheets and word processing
3.                 A minimum degree in accounting and two years of college or equivalent.
4.                 Experience in a supervisory capacity preferred.
5.                 Ability to work in harmony with other people.
6.                 Possess good health and work habits.
7.                 Ability to work in a timely and accurate manner.
8.                 Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
9.                 Physical requirements: Position requires normal physical strength and endurance for standing, sitting, bending, lifting or walking.
The Finance Director will:
1.                 Provide the superintendent with information and material to properly manage the district.
2.                 Function as the assistant treasurer to the board.
3.                 Provide reports for the board as directed by the superintendent.
4.                 Be responsible for the district wide fixed assets accounting.
5.                 Assist superintendent in keeping the public and staff informed regarding financial programs and progress of the district.
6.                 Maintain the availability of district records for interested citizens.
7.                 Function in committee assignments as designated by the superintendent.
8.                 Assist the superintendent in developing improvements for financial management of the school system, including budget methods, formats and presentations.
9.                 Conduct and supervise the overall activities of electronic data processing, including software analysis and computer operation activities as related to district financial operations.
10.             Coordinate the preparation of yearly budget for all departments, special programs, and schools for recommendations to the board by the superintendent.
11.             Assist the treasurer of the board in preparing necessary financial and property reports.
12.             Coordinate arrangements for conducting annual audits of the accounts and funds.
13.             Coordinate the submission of necessary statements and reports on the district’s financial condition.
14.             Assist in the development of capital improvement plans.
15.             Maintain current information regarding alternative funding sources for district programs and services as directed by the superintendent.
16.             Seek bids and work with insurance representatives for workers compensation, auto, fire, property, liability, etc.
17.             Supervise the district’s insurance program. (Employee benefits for health, dental, vision, life, disability, etc.)
18.             Supervise the district’s credit card usage.
19.             Responsible for auditing all expenditures of the district.
20.             Function as the district payroll officer.
21.             File and pay all payroll taxes to the appropriate entities
22.             Supervise the collection, safekeeping and distribution of all funds.
23.             Supervise and coordinate the internal auditing of school and department accounts.
24.             Provide analysis of budget request and program proposals.
25.             Supervise and coordinate maintenance and distribution of budgets as approved by the           superintendent and the board.                                                                                    
26.             Provide analysis of program costs and methods of financing including long-range projections.
27.             Supervise and administer the investment of all district money not needed for liquidation of district liabilities.
28.             Provide financial reports as required by state and federal agencies having jurisdiction over public school funds.
29.             Assist in accounting and reporting of food service fiscal matters.
30.             Supervise the preparation of and analyze annual and monthly school district statements.
31.             Supervise the preparation of applications for state and federal categorical funds.
32.             Provide analysis and answer questions the Board may have regarding the district’s          audit.
33.             Supervise bookkeepers and others as directed by the superintendent and provide evaluations of such per board policy.
34.             Maintain awareness of existing trends and legislative issues related to district fiscal policies.
35.             Maintain records on each individual house and trailer space leased.
36.             Purchasing: Supervise District Bookkeepers in the processing of e-Reqs, Purchase Orders and check requests to ensure proper authorizations and budget allocations. Keep copies of bids as turned in by employees seeking capital expenditures.
37.             Function as the district accounts payable officer, maintaining records for payment of all district authorized expenses and liabilities.
38.             Other duties as assigned.

REPORTS TO: The Superintendent of Schools
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Twelve month (251 days) assignment with vacation and holidays per board policy.

Revised: August 8, 2019