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Front End Engineer

At Arcwise, we’re untangling the complexity of modern data tools to make analytics and data science accessible to anybody.

The background - Data volume worldwide is growing rapidly with no signs of stopping, at 23% year-over-year. Advancements in data infrastructure have made it possible to crunch all of it remarkably cheaply and quickly. But all of that has resulted in an overwhelming explosion of tooling, of which only a small fraction is accessible to non-technical people.

Our mission is to put all that power into the hands of everyone, not just the 0.5% of people that can code; to enable everybody to use data to answer questions, understand their business more deeply, and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Our initial product targets the trusty spreadsheet - it’s been around for over 43 years, but hasn’t evolved to keep up with the pace of modern data. We’re starting with spreadsheet users because they’re so keenly aware of that pain, stuck with CSVs that are too big to load and awkward formulas for what should be simple data transformations. Still, it’s been estimated that there are ~800 million Excel users and ~160 million Google Sheets users worldwide!

Over 150+ user conversations, we’ve seen volumes of frustration around how spreadsheets struggle to deal with modern data workloads, and heard about the pain it causes for both business users and their overwhelmed data teams.

Watch this Excel ad from 1992. “My spreadsheet doesn’t do that!”
We’re building an AI-powered data assistant for spreadsheet users that:
  1. 🔌 plugs into the entire data stack of the business
  2. 🏋️‍♀️ scales to millions/billions of rows, and
  3. 🔓 unlocks advanced analytics previously restricted to data scientists and engineers.
We’re especially excited about leveraging the capabilities of AI/LLMs to drastically lower the barrier to entry. Check out our recent hackathon-winning demo as an early preview of what a data assistant can enable (think ChatGPT for data!). The Arcwise AI assistant automates tedious data transformations using the capabilities of LLMs.

Users can easily pull data from Snowflake & dbt (including support for the new dbt semantic layer). This includes a no-code UI to select, filter, aggregate, and add custom computed columns. “ARC” variants of the common spreadsheet formulas (e.g. ARCSUM, ARCCOUNT) get “pushed down” to scalable SQL that executes in the warehouse.

In 10 years, we want Arcwise to be the first place you go to learn about data, and the last tool you'll need.

About us

We’re a early stage startup that just came out of Sequoia’s seed-stage Arc program; we’re one of 13 startups in the first ever Americas cohort. We’ve just raised seed funding from top VCs + angels and have a very generous amount (30+ months) of runway. On the customer side, we’re working with two pilot customers and actively iterating on the V1 product.

Our founding team (Rahul, Hanson, James) brings a perfect trifecta of experience around the problem — Rahul the sidelined business user, James the overwhelmed data scientist, and Hanson the tooling/platform engineer — over extensive careers at Flexport, Meta, Uber, and Gopuff.