Is Cisco is a good company to start a career in Engineering?

If your interest lies in Networking look no where except Cisco. It is a goldmine for people interested in networking. The place is full of experienced and best network engineers in the world.
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How much support do you get from upper management at Cisco?

Cisco is a highly dynamic place to work at; the priorities are redefined every year, aligning different projects within different orgs. If you’re driving a project(s) that has high visibility at the top level management, expect to receive as much support and resources that you can possibly think ...
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What does it take to stand out and succeed at Cisco?

In order to succeed here, the key things are being a team player, eager to learn, and learning how to adapt as well as being flexible. When you first arrive, there will be a lot of new information thrown at you - don't panic! Everyone else here has been in the same starting place on day 1, it m...
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Does Cisco offer a mentorship program? How strong is it?

This generally depends on which Business Unit (vertical) you are working for. The one I worked with, did not have formal mentorship program. Having said that, my Team Leader asked my to shadow one of the smartest person in our team. Under his guidance, I believe, I have been more successful. The ...
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What can I do to increase my chances of receiving a full-time offer upon completion of my internship at Cisco?

Be proactive. Make sure you add value to the team you are working with, however small that value might seem. Ensure you build trust by delivering on whatever tiny task is given to you. The team (not just the manager) should remember you for the value and should include you in the team discussions...
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As I am prepping for my engineering internship interview at Cisco, anything I should make note of to do or not do?

I think for any role at Cisco, your qualifications for the job are the bare minimum for an interview. Your character and personality are going to be the deciding factor in whether or not the hiring manager thinks you’re a good fit! Cisco loves hiring people who will bring light to a team and who ...
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Any tips for going into an interview for a network engineer position at Cisco?

A good way to prepare would be to brush up on same basic concepts of networking such as the layers of the OSI Reference Model, routers, switches, and IP addresses. In addition to this, make sure you have relevant hands- on experience and also programming skills such as Java and C++.
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Does Cisco overwork its employees? How much work-life balance do they have?

As an intern, you do have to work 8 hours M-F. However, depending on your manager, he/she can be very flexible on the time you show up to work, but don't make it too much of a habit. In terms of workload, you do have deadlines, so don't procrastinate on the project that you are working on! In ter...
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If you've interned at Cisco as a software engineer, how exactly did this experience help you grow professionally?

As an intern, I was given meaningful projects including automating critical testbed infrastructure and developing performance test suites for an entire product line that was used internally by thousands. Many teams are eager to challenge interns and truly take in their input when making decisions...
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What do I need to do in order to succeed as an SE Intern at Cisco?

Technical skills depend on the team you are placed into but overall good programming and analytical skills. In addition, you should be flexible and willing to learn any technology the team is working on. Apart from that I would say networking skills might come handy since there are plenty of in...
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What are the most important skills to should stress in an interview for a full-time Services Consulting Engineer position at Cisco?

An amazing thing about Cisco interviews is that they focus on your strengths during an interview. Soft skills are more important than hard skills. The soft skills that needs to be highlighted should be along the lines of Cisco's culture: a. Problem Solver - As a Consulting Engineer, you will be ...
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What are some pros and cons of working at Cisco?

The pros were many: good pay, bonuses, a full benefits package, normal work hours that allow for a life outside of work. I had a good manager and great coworkers that I enjoyed working with. The cons were very few. For me, there were no downsides to working for Cisco until they cut 9,000 jobs bac...
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If anybody here has been a sales administrator for Cisco, what motivated you to apply for that position?

I was as a Sales Assistant for an investment firm in downtown Chicago and wanted to work closer to home. I lived near O'Hare Airport and was tired of the long commute to downtown. I found the job at Cisco via a temp agency. I started as a temp for 90 days and then was hired on full-time. The job ...
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Can anyone share their thoughts on the company culture at Cisco?

I worked for Cisco from 1998 to 2001 so I'm sure the culture has changed since then. At that time, the company was still growing into an internet powerhouse. The culture of the Chicago sales office was business casual, laid back and employees were very close-knit. I was one of 8 SA's and we would...
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Does Cisco offer a training program for interns? Doesn't have to be job role specific.

I don't remember doing any sort of training program, most of what you learn during the internship as an intern is from the mentor your manager assigns you, your manager, other people on your team, and those in organizations you are apart of. Basically, everyone is your mentor and can teach you so...
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Does Cisco actually emphasize their core values on daily basis?

Something I heard every day of my internship was to network. Networking leads to open doors, it leads to you closing doors, and it leads to you peeking through doors you never even thought of. The greatest thing about Cisco is that every single employee, and I do mean every one, will be willing t...
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If anyone here has experience as a hardware engineer intern at Cisco, can you share how much work ownership you had over projects?

I took a majority of the ownership of my project as it was my project! Although my mentor and manager assisted in helping me find who to talk to and find the information I needed, it was still a project I was fully responsible for. There was a group project I did with other interns and that proje...
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What do I need to know before my internship interview at Cisco?

To be honest, I have never had to attend an interview for any job that I have acquired. Why is that? Connections. Although I had no prior knowledge of the IT world or any interview skills, my dad, cloud analyst and taxonomist at Cisco for five years running was able to get me a Research Internshi...
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Can someone tell me if research interns receive training at Cisco?

I can imagine that no Research Internship is the same at Cisco considering the hundreds of departments and thousands of staff, and since I acquired the Research Intern position through my dad, he trained me. I received an hour training session about what my job would entail. I was informed of the...
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My Dream job is to work at Cisco Systems. Does anyone have advice how to be successfully hired. My end goal is Network Engineer.

Interviewing at Cisco consists of two parts, behavioral and technical. For technical, you can prep using books or sites like LeetCode or HackerRank. The important thing in your technical interview is to communicate with the interviewer your approach and how you're viewing the problem. It's good t...
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