Did you have a good work-life balance as an intern at Honda?

Work/Life Balance is great. I would typically work 40-50 hours a week. They are very flexible with hours. You can come in to the office any time between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. as long as you work at least 8 hours every day. I usually arrived at 8:30 a.m.
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What are the expected compensation for the engineering departments at Honda?

It generally means you are a sponsored student. Your tuition fees will be paid by Honda. Plus they pay you a small stipend. ** Generally: for Design engineers: #68000 per year, for Test engineers: $66000 and for CAE $70000 per year
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What traits does Honda look for students looking to apply for a communications position?

They look for students who are good writers, are go-getters and not afraid to speak up and share ideas, want to learn about corporate communications from both an internal and external side, and who are savvy with Microsoft Suite. Other helpful skills (but not required) are interviewing, event pla...
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What was the pay structure like for an intern at Honda?

They pay their interns really well. My first summer was 15/hour and my second was 17/hour. They allow some vacation time if you tell them ASAP (and it’s a preplanned trip). You also get the week of the 4th of July off.
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Are you expected to potentially work overtime during your co-op with Honda?

For me I worked 1 to 2 hours of overtime each week. I would say that was less than in other departments at Honda. It really just depends who your boss is within the department.
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How varied did your work get while working a co-op with Honda?

The work varies a lot based which projects you are working on and if some machine or tool needs immediate attention that day. I had multiple projects that were very different from each other, some more hands on with machines, some more doing CAD work. Lots of variety in work.
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How was the training structured for a production associate at Honda?

The first week of training was spent covering the fundamentals of doing the job. We were instructed how to properly utilize pneumatic guns, torque wrenches, needle wrenches, air hoses and NGLC (part confirmation system). In addition to this, we were given thread tapping training, safety training,...
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What were your most/least favorite parts of being a production associate at Honda?

The most satisfying part about this job is seeing the finished product outside of the factory. Not every person can walk down a sidewalk, see a 10th generation Honda Accord, and say, "Wow, I made that." The hardest part of being a production associate was at times, poor management practice. That ...
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Please describe the life of a Tax Intern at an automobile company like Honda.

There is definitely a lot of flexibility in the schedule you want here at Honda. I was first scheduled to work 7:30 am- 4:00 pm but I wanted to get out earlier and my mentor worked earlier hours so I switched to 6:30 am- 3:00 pm. Daily activities really depend the time. Even just the couple of mo...
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How was your day structured working as a Corporate Finance Intern at Honda?

My daily work usually revolved around preparing a presentation for HONDA R&D management. It was a year-end review that typically looked at actual/planned expenses, headcount measures, and efficiency metrics. Most of my work was done in Excel (extensive use of pivot tables), Powerpoint, and SAP.
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Does Honda offer a mentorship program for their employees throughout the year?

Honda R&D Co. Ltd. doesn't provide a mentorship program. However, there is a 5-8 month long training period during which new recruits take classes for Japanese and work in one of Honda's vehicle assembly facilities, under the supervision of senior employees. The Japanese training proved essential...
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What does it take to succeed as a R&D Engineer at Honda's multiple engineering divisions?

As an R&D engineer in the engine department at Honda, you will either work as a design engineer or an experimental engineer. If you are in the design team, you would need good CAD skills and an understanding of machine element design including the knowledge of tolerances. If you are part of the e...
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What should I know about the different engineering departments for Honda before applying?

There 3 main engineers types required at Honda R&D: Design engineer, Test engineer and CAE engineer. For design you should have experience of CATIA V5, for test engineer you should have some hands on automotive experience and for CAE you should have some projects done in that area.
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What should I make sure to talk about in my upcoming interview with automobile companies, such as Honda?

Real world experience as a mechanic would be at the top of items to highlight. If you do not have any, highlight any formal education. Then highlight any leadership or management experience you have. The company is just as interested in your personal character as they are in the above items.
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