I heard there was a fun internship program at Indeed! Anyone care to talk more about it.

You get to the office at 8 or 9 am, make a cup of coffee or tea and eat catered breakfast with the whole team. The job is exciting- you’re working with top companies every day managing their accounts to ensure they’re making the best hires. You also get to take on an internship project which stem...
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Knowing Indeed is a career search platform, do they also invest in their own interns' professional growth through some sort of mentorship program?

I was assigned a mentor when I started the program. He mostly helped to get familiar with the code base and answer my questions related.
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What does it take for a software engineering intern to succeed at Indeed?

The ability to learn fast and don't be afraid to ask questions. You only have 12-weeks to finish a medium sized project. During which you need to learn about the existing code base, understand how your project fit into the big system, and implement the change. Note the the project will never be a...
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Did you manage to have a stress-free work-life balance working as a software engineering intern at Indeed?

The work-life balance at Indeed was brilliant: 8 hours of work per day, unlimited snacks and drinks, gaming room for relax, and happy hours in every Friday afternoon. There were also many clubs managed by employees. I joined the Tokyo basketball club and our booking fees for in-door courts were c...
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What was the initial interview screening process like for software engineer positions at Indeed?

Indeed didn't ask behavioral questions for software engineering interns. They focused on technical skills, and any conversations that weren't technical were non evaluative and would have only negatively impacted you if you displayed a "red flag" like arrogance, sexism, racism, or another form of ...
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How should I prepare for the first interview phase with Indeed? It will most likely be either a phone or video interview if you have specific advice on that.

Indeed promotes creativity, be sure to have some examples of instances where you were able to find creative solutions to a problem, or how you worked with your peers to overcome a difficult situation. Let your personality shine through! Don’t be afraid to ask your interviewers questions of your ...
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Were you given a good work-life balance as a Client Services intern at Indeed?

All of it that you could ever imagine. You never take your work home with you at Indeed. Everything is done in office. For a tech company in Silicon Valley, that’s pretty spectacular. There are always events happening, trainings available and volunteer events to get you away from your desk if nee...
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How was your day structured working as a software engineer intern at Indeed?

I worked from 10 am to 6 pm, and it was fine to shift working hours or work from home. Our team had a daily stand-up meeting at around 11 am, and two to three weekly meetings. Usually I got to the office room at 10 am, grabbed a cold tea, prepared my daily work, and had a stand-up meeting. Then i...
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