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About Koch Industries, Inc.

Our life’s work is to help people improve their lives by making and innovating products and services our customers value. Our focus is on delivering mutual benefit: Win-win outcomes that make life better for customers and employees alike.

With more than 120,000 employees worldwide -- about 60,000 in the United States -- and a presence in more than 70 countries, we offer abundant opportunities. We are one of the largest private companies in the world, and since 2003, have invested nearly $133 billion in growth and improvements. Our businesses are involved in refining and chemicals; forest and consumer products; fertilizers; polymers and fibers; process and pollution control systems; electronics, software and data analytics; minerals; glass; automotive components; ranching; commodity trading; and investments.

Our paper products, such as bath tissue and paper towels, are at-home essentials. And our sturdy building materials make homes and commercial buildings possible. Brands include Quilted Northern®, Angel Soft®, Brawny®, and Dixie®.

Our full range of connectivity products, services and solutions empower the data communications, medical, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets to transform the future and improve lives.

From carpet to air bags to engine parts to appliances, our proprietary ingredients for nylon 6,6 and chemical intermediates make life better in countless ways. Some of our brands include CORDURA®, ANTRON®, and DACRON®.

Flint Hills Resources
From our refineries and facilities, and through our 4,000 miles of pipelines, come the fuels, biofuels and chemical building blocks critical to powering and empowering modern life.

Guardian Industries
We manufacture high-performance glass products for homes and buildings and high-quality plastic components for the automotive and commercial truck industries.

For customers in specific markets, we build complete industry suites in the cloud using technology that puts the user experience first, leverages data science and integrates into existing systems.

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Operations Transformation Generative AI Specialist

May 2023 Wichita, KS
“Firstly, the culture at Koch is truly unique. The Principle Based Management™ approach is at the core of the company's culture and it greatly influenced the way I made decisions and interacted with my colleagues. The eight foundational values of the company culture resonated with me and I found myself reflecting on what they meant to me personally. I also appreciated the resources available to better understand Koch culture, such as the PBM SharePoint site and the MBM Go! course. In terms of projects, I had the opportunity to work on some exciting AI initiatives. Although the specifics of these projects are confidential, I can share that they involved innovative applications of AI technology and required a deep understanding of data analysis and machine learning. These projects were challenging but also incredibly rewarding, and I learned a lot from them. One of the highlights of my internship was participating in the Innovation Challenge. This was a competition where teams of interns were tasked with coming up with innovative solutions to business problems. My team and I worked hard on our project, applying the DMF and other PBM concepts throughout our journey. The experience of presenting our idea at the Final Presentation Expo was unforgettable. Overall, my internship at Koch was a great learning experience. I enjoyed the culture, the projects I worked on, and the people I worked with. I'm grateful for the opportunity and look forward to applying what I've learned in my future career.”

Network Security Analyst

April 2020 Wichita, KS
“Great team with an opportunity to continually learn and self-actualize!”
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