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What's MS's company culture like?

From my point of view, MS’s culture is inclusive that everyone work here are fully respected and the firm really values diversity. Also, the manager and mentor are supportive and collaborative, so you don’t need to worry about whether you are asking the right question, we encourage you to ask que...
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Help! I have an interview at Morgan Stanley, what should I know beforehand?

The interview process for Morgan Stanley was very informal and laid back. They want to just know more about you, what motivates you and why you are interested in interning there. Once you get going its just like having a normal conversation, they don’t expect you to know much, that is why you are...
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As an intern at Morgan Stanley, what expectations should I have in regards to ownership of my work ?

Every task provided is reviewed by the FA since most of the work is dealing with highly sensitive information. During my internship I was given a task in which I would complete it and then sit and review with the FA which was a great learning opportunity. Be a self starter and try to get as far a...
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Can you give me any advice on skills that will help me to succeed as a Wealth Management Intern at Morgan Stanley?

Confidence in yourself and your work product. A strong work ethic is required to make it even as an intern, as the expectations within wealth management are very high. Your team will expect you to manage your workload and be independent, taking initiative and escalating where required. Of course,...
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Talking big picture, in terms of Morgan Stanley's mission as a company, how does the Financial Analyst Intern role contribute to that?

Helps portfolio managers research equities to buy or sell in actual client portfolios, provide assistance to portfolio managers in client management and research
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I have an interview coming up for a Wealth Management internship at MS, what qualities should I highlight?

Research the wealth management field, understand portfolios and risk tolerance, and know that financial planning is much more than just picking stocks and bonds (i.e. trust and estates, social security planning, college planning, taxes, etc.)
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What kind of mentorship program, if any, does Morgan Stanley offer its interns?

The Wealth Management internship program did match you up with mentors, and you got to meet with these mentors as often as you wanted. The mentors were full-time employees who were recently out of school. They were part of the 2-year rotational program. I can't speak about how it sets you up for ...
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I'm curious what I would be doing as an online specialist at Morgan Stanley; can you share your experience?

We help people navigate their accounts via phone, computer, etc and give advice about investing and taxes, and basic things an entry level analyst does, they then pass on the client to the financial advisor and works closely with the adviser.
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Can anyone share their experience working as a Wealth Management Intern at Morgan Stanley? What were your responsibilities?

This really depends on the team you’re with at MS Wealth Management. If you are in a structured internship program I cannot really speak to that. I was hired directly by a team to be their intern. I was used mainly to cold call middle market business owners for succession planning and M&A opportu...
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What specific skills you think may help me succeed as a commodities summer analyst at Morgan Stanley?

You should have a basic understanding of how the markets work and of current events, especially in the energy markets. Securities knowledge is highly recommended. You must be analytical, curious, and able to work efficiently and cooperatively.
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What can I expect from my daily tasks when I start working as a Financial Analyst Intern at Morgan Stanley?

In my experience, I spent the majority of my time cold calling and building relationships with potential customers to attract them to our investment management team. In addition, I would perform some financial analysis on select companies that the financial advisors were interested in.
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I'm currently a wealth management intern at MS. What can I do to increase my chances of getting a full-time offer?

Don't expect a full-time offer, but make it known that making your place on the team permanent is something you want. Show an interest, and ask questions about peoples' jobs above you. Learn about their roles and figure out if it's even something you want, because you may not actually want that f...
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Can you tell me some of the skills that will help me to succeed as a Data Analyst at Morgan Stanley?

Data Analyst role mostly involves dealing with a lot of tools. So, the perfect case would be to have experience in many tools and stages of data analysis pipeline alongwith a forte in a particular one. For example, DB2, data warehousing, Tableau, Qlikview, Informatica, Hadoop, Spark, R to name a ...
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Can I expect much work-life balance and flexibility as a Wealth Management Intern at Morgan Stanley?

Wealth management has a great work/life balance. You definitely will not have late nights often, if at all. Also, a lot of this can even be done at home when you’re full-time; hence, why my manager forgot I’d be coming in for work. He worked at home most days unless a client was coming in.
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In what way can a campus recruiter contribute to Morgan Stanley's mission?

For contribution to MS’s mission, I would say that recruiting is actually a role helping the firm to find the right person in the right position at the right time. Since I’m responsible for recruiting the technology department, tech means a lot for financial company because all the trading and sa...
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Help! I have an interview to take on a Summer Analyst role at Morgan Stanley. What professional qualifications are the most important to touch on?

The position I applied for was with a wealth management team of Financial Advisor's. I was hoping they needed someone to do analytical work but it was more of a business development role. They wanted me cold calling to bring in potential new business so I highlighted my previous internship in whe...
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I'd like to turn this internship as a Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley into a full-time offer, what can I do to improve my chances?

The only advice I can recommend is make sure they know you want to be there (show up early, leave late). It might stink being stuck in an office all day but will definitely go along way with your managers. There's plenty of kids that can be taught the job requirements but hard work and putting i...
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What's it like to work a day in the role of a Client Service Associate at Morgan Stanley?

Client relationships and handling office work. Remember numbers and names of clients. It goes a long way. Remember things about their life and touch upon them. Take notes on any little information about them to speak on. If you knew a client was in the hospital ask them how they're feeling or if ...
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What do I need to know going into this interview for a Client Service Associate role at Morgan Stanley?

It depends. I know that might not be what you want to hear, but every advisor or advisory group is different. Some might want a quiet worker. Others might want someone with attitude and hustle. Some might do formal interviews or screening. How I did it was, I threw on my tailored suit, walked in ...
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As an Intern, what can I expect from the training at MS?

I worked on a team of about 8 people so I had no real formal training. I assisted different people on different projects and they would often walk me through the steps of a project. However, after about a month of being there I got into a routine. So while it was informal they did a great job of ...
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