What does the mentorship program look like for employees or interns at Verizon?

During my internship, I was interning at their Brooklyn office, whereas the majority of their interns were stationed at their head quarters in New Jersey. As a first year intern, their focus was having me learn the functions of each department, how they functioned independently, and the inter-dep...
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How can I prepare myself for a phone screening interview with Verizon?

Verizon conducts structured interviews with common type questions. Resume review; Describe a time you acted with a sense of urgency to accomplish a task; Build relationships with others; how you manage your time; possible job scenarios.
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If you've interned at Verizon, could you talk about what you did?

This internship was designated to creating a tool engineers used to track outages. It involved a lot of database and data pipe-lining work.
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For my Verizon interview, what are some typical behaviorial questions that I should be prepared for?

Even as a manager, you still sell. Everyone at Verizon is in sales. Therefore, some common questions will be regarding sales, sales experience, and how you would handle certain situations. For example, you might be asked about a scenario where a customer is seething about something and asks to se...
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I've landed an interview for a marketing internship at Verizon! What qualities are they looking for ?

They are looking for someone who is interested in the specific initiatives they are currently working on. They also want someone who wants to pursue a career in marketing and is not just using this experience to pad their resume.
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This is for any Verizon sales consultants out there - what do you like or dislike about the position?

There are plenty of pros associated with the Sales Consultation role, full autonomy to manage day (territory), great support team, commission potential. Also, Verizon offers great benefits, discounts, and 401K matching programs. One thing to consider for the Sales Consultant role in Arizona durin...
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What to expect during a day in the life of a senior analyst at Verizon?

As a Senior Analyst for a database, I was the first level point of contact for anything related to the database so my day involved answering emails/phone calls to address issues and take action. Also, attending project conference calls to report out on the status of database work or simply be an ...
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Do senior analysts at Verizon have good work-life balance?

My job was very flexible and I did not have a structured schedule. I could work from home or in the office. Mostly 40 hours a week and on occassion would work 40+.
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Anybody have experience in an HR intern position at Verizon? Care to share what a normal day in the life might look like?

At Verizon, the interns are part of a community. An enormous part of the Verizon experience is centered around getting to know the company, but also developing the skills necessary to work efficiently with others. That being said, a typical day will involve the routine responding to emails, meeti...
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Is anybody willing to share what it's like to work as a FP&A consultant at Verizon?

High pressure, many times when working under tight deadlines to produce materials and reports for c-suite, particularly the CFO.
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How much work-life balance do Verizon retail employees get?

Do not expect too much for work-life balance as an associate/stock. My colleagues who were full time employees were also free as I was had to kill time by reading or competing with other employees. At least they had access to a computer to watch shows while on the job.
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I'm curious, what do you do as a retail associate at a Verizon store?

The usual day at Verizon as an associate/stock is quite free. The dependency on getting some work to do in order to pass time quickly is an unfortunate situation that associates and stock members will have to deal with, despite working in a New York City branch. As a part-time worker, my hours we...
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Does anyone know how much work-life balance I might have as a senior FP&A consultant at Verizon?

This was not a great department in which to expect work-life balance. Particularly as nearing the end of a quarter, team members need to be able to give long hours. When they could, the managers told people to go home at 5. The younger team members seemed to be friends who came to bond because th...
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Does Verizon pay their interns?

I received $1,000 for 5 weeks of work doing 20-25 hours a week. However, at this time I was in high school with no work experience.
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Does Verizon offer training for a sales associate position?

The training program was based on how to sell the product. You are in a classroom with other new sales associates, you have phone displays, there is a former sales associate that is now an instructor and teaches you the basics of etiquette for selling phones, and dealing with all types of custome...
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Does anybody know the typical compensation for a Solution Specialist at Verizon Wireless?

Verizon Solution Specialists begin at $15.85 per hour plus commission. Corporate Verizon hires Full Time Only. During my time there, we were told that Part-Time can be given but the whole district of Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino Stores never had a single part-time employe...
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What qualities did you highlight when you had an interview for a solution specialist position at Verizon Wireless?

I worked for corporate Verizon, not the authorize dealers (franchises like Diamond Wireless, Wireless Plus, Wireless Zone, etc.), with that being said, the main qualities that were highlighted during my time with corporate Verizon were the following: how to deal with pressure both from the genera...
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Tips for qualities I should highlight in an interview for a sales representative position at Verizon ?

The main qualities that are important in an applicant are hardworking, motivated, positive, friendly, trustworthy, problem solving, and well-rounded individuals. Some beneficial experiences would be having worked with customers in retail or the food industry.
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Any insight regarding the expected compensation for a sales representative at Verizon?

The expected compensation depends on the retail store, but I was paid $10 an hour plus commission if you obtain a certain gross profit for sales.
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Is anyone here willing to share what their daily life is like as a solutions specialist at Verizon?

It can be very hectic. It invloves dealing with a plethora of different personalities and accompanying problems. Just think of how annoyed you get when something doesn't work on your phone or when you personally have lost your phone etc. These are the problems you will be dealing with. Add to tha...
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