What is the company culture like at Wayfair?

Wayfair's company culture can be a little intense (work hard, play hard, lots of travel, high pressure deadlines) but is also exciting and fun. I will say that logistics at Wayfair is still a bit of a boy's club and any women working in that field should be aware that that's something they'll act...
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If anybody here has worked for Wayfair, how did it impact your personal or professional growth?

One of the best thing about Wayfair is their willingness to invest in employees - I began there as a temp and was not only taken on full time based on my performance but was put in charge of a newly formed team. I was given the freedom to make decisions about how the team should be run and the to...
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How might Wayfair stand out from its competition in the e-commerce industry?

I think one area that stands out is Wayfair's growth. Wayfair is currently rapidly growing as a company, and this means that there is a lot of exciting work to be done. I definitely felt this as an intern, because my manager had already planned a substantial project for me to work on before I eve...
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What can you do after graduating with a Hotel Administration major?

You can honestly go down any path with the HA major. For myself, I chose the Flight Attendant route with aspirations to go into recruiting and teaching. You may also go the corporate route into meeting planning, logistics, or anything that is geared toward that route.
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What should I know in preparation for an interview for a customer service rep position at Wayfair?

They asked me for examples of my previous customer service experience. For instance, after answering their question about how I would handle an angry customer, they wanted me to give an example about how I had handled that type of situation in the past. This is how much of the interview was done;...
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What to expect from day in the life of a customer service representative at Wayfair?

They are very "by-the-clock-centric" so be prepared to be at your desk most of the day and taking one call after the other. Although you do have a good amount of decision making power about how to resolve customer issues. There is not pressure to get off of the calls fast, but the focus is to try...
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What do I need to know if I want to succeed at Wayfair?

They listen to your calls and give corrections and tips, so you need to be ok with managers reviewing the details of how you do everything. Which is usually fine, no one was harsh or anything. The reason I left was because it can take a very long time to get a time off or schedule change processe...
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What does a usual day in the life look like at Wayfair?

A day in the life as a Category Associate at Wayfair entailed three primary activities: reviewing my supplier portfolio, negotiating with suppliers and collaborating across departments. When reviewing my supplier portfolio, I'd be checking to ensure the economics of the business were stable, for ...
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What should I know going into my interview at Wayfair for a project manager position?

To prepare for an interview, make sure to be very comfortable with yourself. Wayfair digs right through any prepared scripts, so don’t try anything like that. Some case studies about logistics and efficiency, and a smile!
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Tips for my interview at Wayfair?

I would recommend really looking at the site and trying to understand how the site works, what Wayfair's business model is, and reaching out to current employees on LinkedIn. If you can walk into an interview and reference conversations you've had with current employees in the department, I think...
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I heard there's a training program at Wayfair, what does that entail?

The training program for a CA at Wayfair is really robust. There are about 2 months of training courses that all new CAs take - it's a great way to learn the role, develop the necessary skills, and to become friends with the other people in the department.
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Does Wayfair offer a mentorship program?

Wayfair offers something called "Learn @ Work" which are meetings highlighting different departments within the office or more about the company culture as well. When first starting at Wayfair, regardless if it's just for an internship, a few of those meetings are mandatory. The rest is optional ...
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