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We’re creating an airline people love. It begins with each Alaska Airlines employee, bringing unique strengths and energy to our work in the air and on the ground. Every day, we go beyond what’s expected and reach for the remarkable, together.


customer service agent

February 2021 - February 2023 SeaTac, WA
“I liked how fast-paced the environment and how it continuously fosters diversity. ”

Technical Analyst Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Seattle, WA
“This was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in aviation, technology, or travel and is looking to get real, hands-on experience at a large corporation. From day one I was working on real projects that were important to the organization. There was no traditional 'intern' work of filing papers or getting coffee, I was able to autonomously work and contribute to the organization's bottom-line. In addition to being able to take ownership of a number of projects, Alaska as an organization makes an effort to give interns the opportunity to explore various facets of the business outside of their job description. Intern activities included collaboration and access to multiple members if the executive leadership team, a delivery flight for a brand new Boeing aircraft, and a VIP Boeing factory tour amongst many other things. Lastly, on weekends I was able to take advantage of employee flight benefits, traveling approximately 35,000 miles over the course of my summer. ”
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